The brand Impakta, as we know it today, is a group of companies that are the result of
many years of business development and efforts in the field of international trade and

The Group gained extensive knowledge and experience in more than 60 years of its
operations, that began in 1954 with the establishment of Impacta’s predecessor Tehno-
Impex. During this period the we showed advanced view on the market and established
independent companies at home and abroad: Eurotrans Ribnica, ITPP Ribnica and TEKO
Ljubljana, as well as joint venture companies, Yugoniger (Nigeria), Sateco (Austria), Black
& Decker Grosuplje, and Optyl Ormož, Techno impex Munich, etc.

Key milestones:

1954 Tehno-Impex, Impakta’s predecessory is founded.

1964 Tehno-Impex is restructured into a business association.

1977 Tehno-Impex is restructured into a labour organisation.

1992 Tehno-Impex International d.o.o. is founded as a Limited Company after receiving the
consent from the Republic Privatization Fund.

1995 Tehno-Impex International, d. o. o. is restructured into a Joint Stock Company and
merged with the Tehno-Impex company. A new company is registered: Impakta, trgovina in inženiring, d.d.

2007 Based on various operational programmes, Impakta, d. d. is divided into seven
independent Limited Companies, all of them majority owned by the Holding.

Individual companies focus on the fields of metallurgy, medicine, energy, lubricants, trade
in wood products as well as the field of investment and real estate management.

In year 2013 we carried out the process of reduction of the number of companies with
focus on their specialization and concentration on healthy business cores. In the process
we retained our longstanding tradition of international trade, the aspiration to maximize the
quality of service and maximize the satisfaction of all our clients.

To this day our competitive advantages are the provision of integrated solutions, a firm
business partnership with our clients and suppliers, high flexibility to the ever-changing
needs of markets and openness to new business opportunities.